Vlog 02 - Infrastructure

Audacy Founder & CEO Ralph Ewig discusses why infrastructure is both a necessity for a sustained human presence beyond Earth, and also the most valuable development opportunity across all verticals of the emerging space economy.

About Ralph Ewig

Dr. Ralph Ewig holds three aerospace degrees (BS/MS/PhD) from the University of Washington, and an MS in Business Management for experienced leaders (MSx) from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  

He was a Project Engineer at Andrews Space (now Spaceflight), Partner/Chief Engineer at Holder Aerospace, Propulsion Engineer at AirLaunch, and Mission Operations Engineer at SpaceX for the first 3 flights of Dragon to the International Space Station (ISS). From there he transitioned to VP of Engineering at Aerojet Rocketdyne, and following his graduation at Stanford in 2015 took his role as founder & CEO of Audacy.



What is Space Infrastructure?

Apollo was inspired, but space cannot be for just a select few. For humanity to grow up and live in space, space programs need to grow up and become sustainable. Operations at scale are not possible without the supporting infrastructure.

Today’s commercial development of space is unprecedented; more money is projected to pour into the industry than ever before: Goldman Sachs expects $1.0 trillion, Morgan Stanley $1.1 trillion, and Bank of America $2.7 trillion for the space market size by 2040. However, sustained financial growth requires predictable returns, diversified risk, and economy of scale. Space Infrastructure has all three, and that is where smart money will look for the next unicorns.