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The door may now be closed for new comms constellations as battle lines are drawn between satellite operators.
— Jason Rainbow, Satellite FInance
Goldman Sachs expects $1.0 trillion, Morgan Stanley $1.1 trillion, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch $2.7 trillion [space market size by 2040].
— NewSpace 2018 Report, Shigeki Kuzuoka
Over the 10 year mission of Radarsat-2, the only bottleneck to acquiring image data has been a shortage of ground stations.
— SpaceOps 2018 Report, Shigeki Kuzuoka
Speed is very important, and will never not be important.
— 2018 GEOINT Symposium (via SpaceNews)
Teleports are groaning under the strain of proliferating satellites.
— Debra Werner, SpaceNews
Audacy is an Earth-to-LEO comms revolution in the making.
— SpaceNews Magazine