Audacy’s operations plan follows a 6 phase approach from our initial exploration of the user need to service launch. Each phase has a projected deadline and associated milestone objectives in three categories (Business, Operations, Engineering) as set forth in the table below. From these objectives, specific tasks are derived and then prioritized based on the tasks inter-dependencies. Lastly, the current phase shows percent completion behind the title based on how many tasks necessary to reach the milestone objectives are completed at this time. The number updates in real time, as the Audacy team progresses.

Audacy is actively engaging a number of select future users in the development phase of our system. Objectives of these collaborations are to provide potential users opportunity to regularly review Audacy interface / service parameters and ensure compatibility with client spacecraft. In addition, Audacy is releasing a limited portion of future capacity for pre-sale; we offer three levels of engagement to interested potential users.

Audacy is also currently creating an open Mission Operations software toolset, which is developed in conjunction with leading research universities around the world and distributed free of charge. Early release participation to help define the architectural framework and feature set is available to a limited number of industry participants; please contact if you would like additional information.

Mission Clock

Time is our most valuable resource; Audacy's spacecraft data network is a catalyst for commercial space development, and every day that elapses with operators constrained by current solutions is a day an entire industry could have done more. This is a race, and in spite of the apparent distance to our projected launch date, we work to make every hour count.


Acquisition of
Signal (AOS)

Time remaining until the Audacy systems enters service. This is the targeted go-live date following system deployment, verification, and integration. Following this date, Audacy's full capacity will be available to registered users. 


Milestone Time
Remaining (MTR)

Time remaining to complete the next milestone. Audacy's deployment is achieved in multiple phases. This is the time remaining to achieve the next milestone and remain on track for the targeted deployment date.


Time Since
Completion (TSC)

Time since the last project task was completed. As the Audacy team is actively working through the many tasks which need to precede deployment, this indicates the time elapsed since the most recent critical task was completed.