Base service

Audacy's Base service level supports over 1,000 simultaneous users at worst-case data rates ranging from 35 kbps to 22 Mbps. The Base service supports both TT&C and payload data downlink, with seamless client handovers. These services are ideally suited for small satellites, launch vehicles, and large constellation management.


Audacy's Premium service is available for a maximum of 12 simultaneous users at up to 1 Gbps each. Coverage extends from the Earth's surface up to 10,000 km altitude. These services are for clients with larger spacecraft and/or high-volume data needs as either a primary or complementary connectivity solution. Large platforms can make use of up to 4 Audacy links simultaneously, enabling them to achieve data rates of up to 4 Gbps.


Audacy's Deep Space service provides continuous access to missions traveling outside Low Earth Orbit to the Moon and beyond. Get in touch to see how Audacy can provide continuous communications to your deep space mission.


Audacy offers always-on connectivity at competitive prices. Our system is built to support users for all communications needs, ranging from low data rate TT&C to high data rate payload downlink, and our flexible pricing model reflects this. For example: a typical cubesat customer would pay roughly 10k/satellite/month for TT&C access, a launch provider could expect to pay ~$1k per day for continuous communications during launch, and a large LEO constellation would pay approximately $1M per month to manage the entire constellation.


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