Explosive industry growth demands new approaches to spectrum management. Growing market demand for real-time data availability and continuous monitoring can only be met with space-based relays enabling 100% line-of-sight coverage. Not only is Audacy cost competitive to existing solutions and frictionless to deploy, but also provides greater data volume to ground, reduced operations costs, and guaranteed system uptime surpassing all other solutions.

The fundamental approach to space communications today has not changed since Sputnik. As the industry crosses the threshold to large-scale commercialization, ground-based solutions have reached their limits. 

Teleports are groaning under the strain of proliferating satellites.
— Debra Werner, SpaceNews

Every ground station requires landing rights, every operational satellite requires commercial licensing. In an industry about to be dominated by non-geostationary satellites, the old rules of spectrum coordination have turned into a business nightmare. Obtaining a commercial spectrum license costs millions and takes years, making it the primary concern for both emerging operators entering the market and existing operators under pressure to grow. At the same time, terrestrial use of radio spectrum is exploding: 5G wireless, IoT applications, increasingly severe power limits on X/S band emissions - the spectrum crunch for satellite use is no longer a prediction; it is here.

Audacy replicates the model of carrier licensing - the proven standard for terrestrial wireless networks - and finally pushes space spectrum management out of the dark ages. When you use a phone, you don’t need a spectrum license; your carrier took care of that for you. We work with regulators to achieve maximum utilization of under-used Inter Satellite Service (ISS) spectrum, enabling an entire industry experiencing explosive growth to move at the speed of business. Stop wasting precious resources on defending your spectrum: we have your back, and you have your mission.


Audacy’s space-based relay systems enables real time communications; with wide-ranging consequences for both payload and telemetry applications.

Real-time data is the gold standard of information. The faster you can get images downlinked, the more valuable the data is to you and your customers. Once available, real-time delivery quickly becomes essential to remain competitive. Satellite data customers demand real-time data solutions, and operators who fail to deliver are at risk of being left behind.

Real-time tasking and always-on telemetry offer many operational advantages. The ability to continuously monitor your space assets - and thus respond to off-nominal scenarios before they become critical - improves reliability and extends mission lifetime. Real-time tracking allows for preemptive collision avoidance in an increasingly contested environment, resulting in significant savings on insurance premiums. With your system always at your command, you provide better service to your customers and streamline operations. There is no ground-based architecture of any size that can deliver these capabilities; and unlike other space-based real-time solutions, Audacy is cost-competitive with any ground-based architecture.

Audacy’s real-time relay network is the future. We hope to see all satellite imagery providers on such a network and will favor providers that are.
— Adam Smith | Descartes Labs Co-Founder, Head of BD and Sales

Audacy’s ground-based services are currently available, and our space-based relay services are targeted to launch in Q4-2020.

Audacy’s pricing depends on the amount of data (Tb) you commit to purchase, and Audacy’s remaining network capacity for the targeted Bring Into Use date at the time of purchase.


Pricing starts as low as $4/Gb or $0.02/min (in USD).



Service Guidelines

Customer pricing is structured as follows:

  • Audacy pricing progressively scales by data volume purchased, and available capacity as projected at the time of purchase.

  • Capacity is prepaid; a 10% deposit is collected at the time of purchase, with the remainder due at the time that capacity is first brought into use. 

  • Once purchased, capacity can be used at any time; Audacy monitors utilization and debits your account only when data is actively transferred. There is no charge for “standby time” and your purchased capacity never expires. 

  • You can purchase additional capacity at any time based on projected availability. In the event that momentary demand exceeds network capacity, purchases made earliest are given priority (first-come, first-served). 

  • Audacy encourages and facilitates the transfer (sale) of capacity between subscribers. If you purchased capacity at a high priority ranking and your mission needs change at a later time, you may be able to transfer any excess inventory to another Audacy customer at a markup. 

Pricing Calculator

Use the calculator below to obtain a pricing estimate for your specific application. Note that the minimum purchase size is 1 Tb, and the calculator assumes that 100% capacity is available for the planned bring-into-use date.

Mbps Average Link Speed
Days Mission Duration
Gb/day Data Use
Tb Purchase Size (min 1Tb)
USD/Gb Unit Price
$ (USD) Total Price

Audacy uses a friction-less onboarding process to support customers at every step of assessing our services for your business model and technology platform. The graphic below is live linked to our Customer Relationship Management system, showing the growing number of space companies exploring what real-time can do for their business.

The complete onboarding process has three simple steps:

  • Engage - execute a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement that allows Audacy’s team to review your technical needs. Work with an Audacy Mission Manager to identify application specifics in preparation for a bespoke solution tailored to your mission.

  • Use Case - Audacy engineers prepare a customer-specific Use Case. Both sides iterate to finalize capacity needs, deployment timeline, and resulting service pricing. Once agreement is reached, execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that allocates network capacity to your mission.

  • Purchase - make a binding agreement to reserve capacity on the Audacy network and begin integration.


Capacity pricing is directly scaled by availability, and service priority is determined by date of purchase; take the first step now and get connected.