Build browser-based spaceflight platforms using AngularJS

Quindar lets you build browser-based mission operations platforms quickly, cheaply and with the ability to scale. Most often, spacecraft operators monitor and command their spacecraft using specialized software that is developed in house or purchased off the shelf at a high price. These traditional platforms typically do not have the benefits of a modern software design architecture, mainstream libraries, or graphical capabilities. Quindar is a state of the art mission operations platform built for modern operators. This project is commercially backed by Audacy, who is fully committed to maintain Quindar as a free, open source solution for the growing global community of spacecraft operators of all sizes, now and in perpetuity.

How is Audacy using Quindar?

Audacy built Quindar to serve as our own mission operations platform for our three spacecraft. We wanted a responsive solution that was capable of streaming and pausing a live feed of our spacecraft. We decided to open this up to the community as a free, open source platform.

How can you use quindar?

Use this real time data visualization platform to monitor and operate complex engineering systems in a spaceflight mission operations setting.

How to contribute

We encourage users to develop application specific widgets and continue to build and contribute to our shared aerospace community.

Why Quindar

Quindar is a Mission Operations platform with a growing global community of spacecraft operators



Ease of deployment, a light-weight stack


Browser-based, no installation, no plugins


Incorporating rapid maintenance

Developers: Build today with Quindar

1 Clone the source code

git clone

2 install development dependencies

npm install 

3 Run a local development server

npm start

Install the following to dependencies to get started: AngularJS, NodeJS, quindar-platform, quindar-gmat. Read Guides below for additional information.

Get Started Guides

Created by Audacy, the makers of Quindar. Grown by the spacecraft community. 

Install Quindar

See our Installation Guide to learn how to download and install Quindar

Run Quindar

See our Getting Started Guide to learn how to run the demo

learn more

Read our documentations to build with Quindar