Audacy Announces Formation of Audacy Alliance

Mountain View, CA – August 28, 2018 – Audacy, a space communications service provider focused on delivering continuous connectivity and space data in real time, announced today the formation of Audacy Alliance, a partner program consisting of a network of select companies that will provide Audacy-related products and services to their customers.

Partner companies will be able to participate in up to three different programs characterized by their involvement in the Audacy Sales/Manufacturing process:

  • Audacy Referrals - Companies can earn incentives and discounted services by participating in the Alliance Referral Program.
  • Audacy Reseller Certification – Companies can go one step further and become certified resellers of Audacy capacity.
  • Audacy Manufacturing Partner – Participating companies will be given access to Audacy Engineering resources to develop their own Audacy-compatible hardware.

Through this program, Audacy hopes to develop an ecosystem of companies which can leverage Audacy’s capabilities to provide additional products and services to their customers.


“Working together with Audacy will enable us to provide our customers greater services and mission value through the expansion of our spacecraft solutions portfolio.” said Craig Clark MBE, Founder & CSO of ÅAC Clyde. “Audacy’s innovative product allows for 100% connectivity to any LEO satellite and represents a huge improvement in the communications options available for our spacecraft. This alliance is testimony to our commitment to innovation throughout our product lifecycle.”

“Joining Audacy Alliance makes a lot of sense for us,” said Dr. Dino Lorenzini, CEO of SpaceQuest. “Audacy provides continuous connectivity to our LEO satellites, which allows us to identify and address issues that may occur while our satellites are not within range of our ground stations. Most importantly, connecting through Audacy avoids much of the costs and delays in obtaining the regulatory approvals needed to get our satellites into orbit.”

Audacy Alliance has been in development since the beginning of this year and started off with a handful of partners to explore the need for a program like this in the market. Now with the strong market response, Audacy is ready to expand the program globally and looking to bring additional members into Audacy Alliance. For more information on how to join, visit


About Audacy

Audacy is a space communications service provider deploying the first commercial inter-satellite data relay network, enabling real-time downlink of space data, continuous satellite monitoring, and instantaneous command. Based in Silicon Valley and Singapore, Audacy is launching MEO relay satellites for seamless LEO coverage and ground stations for always-on connectivity from ground to lunar orbit. To learn more, please visit


About ÅAC Clyde

ÅAC Clyde offer a full turnkey mission service from design to on-orbit operations including reliable platforms in the range of 1 to 50 Kg; customizable to suit their customers' requirements. Their end-to-end service package enables customers to reach their mission goals with a single, trusted point of contact. In addition, they supply a full range of subsystems for cube satellites and small satellites.

ÅAC Microtec's shares are traded on Nasdaq First North Stockholm. G&W Fondkommission, telephone +46 8 503 000 50, is the Certified Adviser.


About SpaceQuest

SpaceQuest is a developer of advanced satellite technology for government, university and commercial use for the past fifteen years, specializing in the design, development, testing and manufacture of spacecraft as well as space and ground components for operation with low-earth orbiting satellites. For more information, visit their website at


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