Audacy uses a friction-less onboarding process to support customers at every step of assessing our services for your business model and technology platform. The graphic below is live linked to our Customer Relationship Management system, showing the growing number of space companies exploring what real-time can do for their business.

The complete onboarding process has three simple steps:

  • Engage - execute a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement that allows Audacy’s team to review your technical needs. Work with an Audacy Mission Manager to identify application specifics in preparation for a bespoke solution tailored to your mission.

  • Use Case - Audacy engineers prepare a customer-specific Use Case. Both sides iterate to finalize capacity needs, deployment timeline, and resulting service pricing. Once agreement is reached, execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that allocates network capacity to your mission.

  • Purchase - make a binding agreement to reserve capacity on the Audacy network and begin integration.


Capacity pricing is directly scaled by availability, and service priority is determined by date of purchase; take the first step now and get connected.