Audacy’s space-based relay systems enables real time communications; with far ranging consequences for both payload and telemetry applications. 

Real-time data is the gold standard of information. The faster you can get images downlinked, the more valuable the data is to you and your customers. Once available, real-time quickly becomes the standard to meet, in order to maintain competitive. Satellite data customers prefer or even demand real time data solutions. Operators who fail to embrace real-time as a standard, are at risk to be left behind.

Audacy’s real-time relay network is the future. We hope to see all satellite imagery providers on such a network and will favor providers that are.
— Adam Smith | Descartes Labs Co-Founder, Head of BD and Sales

Operationally, real-time tasking and always-on telemetry offers many advantages. The ability to continuously monitor your space assets - and thus respond to off-nominal scenarios before they become critical - improves system lifetime. Real-time tracking allows for preemptive collision avoidance in an increasingly contested environment, resulting in significant savings on insurance premiums. With your system always at your command, you can provide better service to your customers, and significantly simplify operations. Regardless of the number of gateways, no ground-based architecture can deliver these capabilities.

And unlike other space-based real-time solutions, Audacy is cost competitive with any ground based architecture.