Quindar Mission Operations Platform

The rapidly falling cost of launching a satellite has resulted in near exponential growth in the number of spacecraft being deployed and operated. Most often, each spacecraft owner/operator conducts Mission Operations using specialized software developed in house. Mission Operations centers can range in size from something as modest as a single laptop connected to a backyard radio antenna, to multiple rooms housing dozens of consoles each equipped with as many as 10 displays and/or combined with very large projection systems at the front of the room. Due to its specialized nature, the software powering these displays is often developed in house by the user, and frequently does not have the benefits of a modern software design architecture, mainstream libraries, and graphical capabilities.

This project aims to create a modern, browser based, real time data visualization platform to monitor and operate complex engineering systems in a spaceflight mission operations setting. While other FOSS (Free Open Source Software) projects of this nature exist, this particular project is commercially backed by Audacy (http://audacy.space), who is fully committed to maintain it as free (no cost, open source) to the growing worldwide community of spacecraft operators of all sizes, now and in perpetuity.

You can use Quindar for your own mission operations, deployed on your own metal, customized to suit your mission needs. Then give back and contribute to the development community on GitHub.