Life at Audacy

At Audacy, you will work with some of the world’s most talented engineers and business leaders to shape the future of space. Audacy is a global company and we celebrate diversity — of culture, background, experience, and thought. 

Our vision is bold and our success comes from our people. In order to build something this big, a united team is a must. Our values have shaped our culture from the beginning and our team manifests these values in our daily work.

Come work in the heart of Silicon Valley, and help shape a culture where your manager is you. We set no limit on paid time off; you decide when and how much to work in order to get the job done. You also choose how much of your compensation should be equity versus cash.

Our Values


Practice leadership that develops accountable teams, confident decision makers, and mutual transparency.


Don't waste time. Ever. First work smarter then work harder, maximize work time and respect personal time.


Dare to step off the map, but keep the link beyond the horizon; push the frontier and share the adventure.


Value diverse people, backgrounds, perspectives, skills, and industries as sources of resilience and global awareness.


Embrace continuous improvement, risk preparedness, and meaningful failure; never stop exploring.

Compensation and Benefits

At Audacy we value transparency, and compensation is no exception. Money should never be the reason that someone joins us, nor the reason that someone leaves. Everybody's compensation is determined using the same methodology: (1) Determine fair market value, (2) allocate 10% as a performance bonus, and (3) you decide how much of the remaining 90% you want in equity versus cash.

Fair market value is defined as the amount that one could receive in total compensation in a similar job at another company. Equity is granted in the form of stock options, and everybody (including founders) vests on a 4 year schedule.

Audacy provides employees with medical and dental insurance. We have an unlimited vacation policy and flexible work schedules. 

At Audacy, we think of work not as something we have to do, but something we get to do. We get to spend our days developing interplanetary infrastructure; if that sounds amazing (and it is) then come join us!

To apply, send your resume and brief cover letter to, or use the direct link for any positions posted below.

This place is empowering.
— Anonymous Employee, Glassdoor
I have never not been excited to come to work every morning.
— Anonymous Employee, Glassdoor
My boss is great, my team members are hardworking and produce excellent work, and everything happens with a smile.
— Anonymous Employee, Glassdoor

Open Positions


Mechanical and RF Test Engineer

Onlookers compare you modeling antenna beam patterns to Michelangelo sculpting clay. You have already built and tested the satellite before your computer has rendered your detailed CAD model. Luckily you already analyzed and tested your laptop's thermal dissipation to speed up the process. You are acutely aware of the difference between a transceiver and a transponder, and a gimbal and an ADCS - that knowledge saved your life once. You long ago simulated, tested, and optimized your home's Wi-Fi signal propagation.

In this role you will be a part of the fast-moving Audacy engineering team developing a revolutionary satellite communications architecture. You will be responsible for modeling, developing, and testing structural, thermal, and high-frequency RF components of Audacy's network. A deep understanding of all spacecraft subsystems and experience developing and delivering mission-critical flight hardware is essential.

Relevant Skills: High-frequency RF testing, Antenna design, Structural and thermal analysis and testing, CAD modeling, Spacecraft or CubeSat design and development

Office Location: Mountain View, CA

req-22-Signal Processing and Flight Software Engineer.jpg

Signal Processing and Flight Software Engineer

Your brainwaves are compliant with the DVB-S2 standard, and you mix and filter radio signals far better than you can cocktails or coffee. The word 'turbo' immediately reminds you of high-performance forward error correction codes rather than snails or cars. You are intimately familiar with the differences between modulation, encoding, encryption, and compression. You long ago replaced your car radio with a dime-sized FPGA that performs ten times as well for a tenth the mass and cost.

In this role you will be a part of the fast-moving Audacy engineering team developing a revolutionary satellite communications architecture. You will be responsible for the design and implementation of the signal processing algorithms throughout Audacy's network, and you will develop the flight software for the Audacy One demonstration mission. A deep understanding of software-defined radio platforms and all layers of the communications stack is essential.

Relevant Skills: Software-defined radio, RF fundamentals, DSP algorithms, FEC codes (Turbo, LDPC, Reed-Solomon, etc.), FPGA coding and tools, Digital (de)modulation, CubeSat (or other flight-critical) real-time OS.

Office Location: Mountain View, CA


Head of Business Development

On national holidays, your greeting card purchases approach 1% of total industry revenue. You have a million connections on LinkedIn, your inbox notifications sound like a Geiger counter, and you can type 150+ words per minute on your smartphone - with one hand. You are always on brand; a half-point change in font size causes immediate offense, the wrong color shade causes cold sweats, and every single word needs to have a justification for existence, no matter whether it’s in the employee handbook or the company website. Where others see problems, you see opportunities; you are a collaborative problem solver and a great listener, ask questions about everything, and want to know everyone. The industry is just now catching up to trends you saw coming half a decade ago, everyone always ends up agreeing with you (even if they didn’t start there), and they do so with a profound sense of accomplishment.

In this role, you are the interface between Audacy and the world, managing relationships and discovering resources. This includes internal and external communications (marketing), strategic partnership development, and customer management (pre & post sales). You will be part of the leadership working directly with the CEO, and build your own team below you as Audacy grows with a direct track to a C-level position.

Relevant Skills: 

  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills with relentless attention to detail
  • Knowledge of online / offline marketing tools, graphics design, and copywriting
  • Reputation management, public relations, and event planning
  • Broad space industry knowledge, and technical acumen
  • Business strategy, government / international interactions
  • High-value long-cycle B2B sales and customer management

Office Location: Mountain View, CA