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On May 8th 2015, Audacy was awarded 1st Prize at the annual Stanford BASES competition with over 200 startups pitching their ideas. This week, 2 years later, we had the opportunity to return to Stanford and present Audacy’s progress to the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Taking the literal stroll down memory lane on Stanford campus, it was amazing to reflect just how much has changed in two short years. Startups are like newborns, they evolve every day and within weeks you may not even recognize what they have turned into. In 2015 there were five of us, all grad students at the time, working out of student lounges, scribbling furiously evolving business plans on library whiteboards, and performing satellite network topology trades on the back of the proverbial napkin, all while wolfing down a sandwich from the campus cafeteria between classes.

Today, Audacy is a team of 14 full-time (and then some) employees, occupying a sunlit office in downtown Mountain View, with real-time orbit simulations on multiple overhead displays, and monthly team lunches in the tastiest eateries Castro Street has to offer … but we are in no way slowing down. If anything, we keep accelerating because as much fun as it was to return to BASES and share what we’ve learned and accomplished, it was also a loud and clear reminder to never stop pushing: the next wave of entrepreneurs is right behind us, and they are just as smart, driven, and hungry as we are. Together we will dent that universe, and we will all be better off for it