Audacy has exceeded $1B of  customer lifetime value in its sales pipeline. This closes another Phase II goal; making it the 3rd completed objective of 8 defined in the Audacy roadmap for the current phase.

Who are Audacy’s customers?

Audacy communications solutions are targeted at six specific market segments:

1. SmallSats: <100kg spacecraft, primarily focused on Earth observation missions, with applications including imaging, maritime, oil, ice tracking, and weather. Also includes some emerging technologies like Telerobotics.

2. NGSO: >100kg spacecraft in non-geostationary orbits, again most commonly engaged in Earth observation missions. 

3. Launch: commercial and government launch providers across all sizes.

4. Human Spaceflight: emerging commercial launch operators who plan on flying people into space.

5. LEO Web: companies building large constellations of small(ish) satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to provide high-speed space-to-ground internet around the world.

6. Deep Space: emerging operators engaged in asteroid mining, lunar missions, and beyond.

Audacy’s customers are high-value, long-term customers. At 92% of our total market, NGSO, LEO Web, and SmallSats represent both the largest addressable markets and the highest individual value as potential customers for Audacy.

What does our sales process look like?

At a high level, our sales process breaks down like this: 1) Engage customer, 2) Confirm whether customer is interested, 3) Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with customer to explore technical details, 4) Sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that commits engineering hours on both sides in an effort to reach a contract, 5) Sign a purchase contract for a specific data volume at a negotiated price.

What was our goal?

Our goal for this phase was to capture 1B of customer lifetime value in our sales pipeline. We measure this by combining a customer’s potential purchase with a conversion factor based on the stage that customer has reached in our sales process.  At this point, the Audacy team has built a solid sales pipeline meeting or exceeding 3 significant metrics:

  1. $100M in expected annual revenue.
  2. $500M in potential annual revenue.
  3. $1B in expected customer lifetime revenue.

Closing this goal contributes further evidence supporting the viability of the Audacy business model, the team’s capabilities, and our commitment to deliver on every single goal in the Audacy roadmap. With less than 30 days remaining on the clock in the current phase; stay tuned for more updates soon!