Today Audacy closed the last remaining deliverable of the current phase in the company roadmap, securing partnerships for the development of spacecraft, ground installations, and land use.

Audacy is a big undertaking, and partnerships are a crucial enabler for a small company to tackle a project of this scale. Over the last year, we have worked closely with a number of highly respected spacecraft manufacturers to mature the Audacy technical architecture. Today we received commitments from multiple manufacturers to submit a competitive bid for our spacecraft fleet. Similarly, on the ground segment site, we have also engaged with several providers for the construction and commissioning of the Audacy US Teleport.

Also, following a yearlong search of the San Francisco Bay Area in partnership with Colliers International evaluating hundreds of sites, the team has settled on the Hayward Executive Airport as the preferred location for our Bay Area ground station and office facility. Both city and airport authorities have been exceptionally welcoming to the Audacy team. Following today’s visit, all roads are now paved to proceed into the formal process for site acquisition and development. Not only is the airport a prime location with the required area, but the support and enthusiasm of all involved parties will go a long way to ensure rapid implementation as well.

Building these crucial relationships and lining up clear pathways for the three major development elements of the Audacy architecture completes the last of our Phase 2 goals, starting the run up to take Audacy from a design concept to real world implementation.