Audacy democratizes access to space based data, by making something expensive and complex (space communications), ridiculously simple: build, fly, logon, done. We do all the heavy lifting of creating interplanetary infrastructure for our users, so they don’t have to. Building a system this comprehensive takes money; too much for venture funding alone. That’s why Audacy is leveraging project financing (debt funding) in addition to venture partner investments to take our system from concept to reality.

Bankers are by necessity conservative, and fortunately this is one area where we did not have to innovate. Following established mechanisms for financing of large telecommunications spacecraft, we have established relationships with national banks, industry experts, and world recognized suppliers. We then used their insights and expertise to build a detailed operations plan of Audacy’s finances, meeting all the constraints to make it “bankable”.  Based on that work, we are now proud to announce that Portland Advisers has agreed to work with us and take Audacy forward.

"From what we have seen to date, we are encouraged that the key aspects of the program, the management team and partnerships already in place, demonstrate the requisite characteristics to create a platform for a successful debt financing over the coming months, and, as one of the leading project and export finance advisory firms, we very much look forward to the opportunity of working with you to achieve that goal.“

Portland Advisers

This closes the 6th of 8 goals in the Audacy roadmap; with only suppliers and Series A funding remaining to complete this phase.