We are proud to announce that Livingston Holder has agreed to join Audacy as an independent Director of the Board. With a background spanning 40 years and every aspect of the space industry across government, traditional, and entrepreneurial space, he brings a wealth of experience to the Audacy team. Here are just a couple of highlights from his bio:

  • USAF Academy grad Astronautical Engineering - 1978
  • USAF Satellite Countdown Controller for national security missions
  • USAF Manned Spaceflight Engineer (Space Shuttle Payload Specialist)
  • Boeing ISS International Integration Manager / Advanced Space Transportation Lead
  • Program Manager for Sea Launch
  • Chairperson and longest standing member of the Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC) 
  • Chief Program Executive at AirLaunch
  • Partner and Managing Member at Holder Aerospace

Audacy is very fortunate to have attracted such a high caliber contributor so early in our company’s development, and there is little doubt he will have a significant impact on our probability of success going forward.