Meet Audacy Zero, The World's First Entirely Ka-band CubeSat.


On a cool wintry afternoon in early December, Audacy Zero stretched its solar array wings for the first time in space after being launched from a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Its successful launch on December 3, 2018, marked Audacy’s first demonstration mission—a significant milestone that was three years in the making.

Audacy Zero was built to validate its Ka-band radio in space and to test our first ground station in Napa Valley, California. This mission will lay the foundation for our development of the world’s first commercial relay satellite network in 2020.

Designed and built by Audacy, the Ka-band radio is the first of its kind to be flown on a CubeSat. It’s also the first iteration of Audacy’s radio that will enable our customers’ spacecraft to communicate with our relay satellite network. Data collected from this mission will be used to develop our next-generation radio for space-based relays, in time for the deployment of our network.

Mission Update (Dec 5, 2018):

We are working on making contact with Audacy Zero. Due to the large number of satellites deployed in this flight, it can take several weeks to identify the exact position for each one. As that information is released, we then attempt to determine if it is Audacy Zero or another satellite.

First demo mission


First Entirely
Ka-band CubeSat


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