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Audacy LYNQ


Stay tuned for Audacy Lynq’s debut in 2019, when it’ll be installed on the International Space Station (ISS) as part of our second demonstration mission.

Audacy Lynq will feature the second generation of our Ka-band radio and will provide up to 100 Mbps of data services to other NREP users on board the ISS, making Audacy the first commercial internet service provider in space.

The service will be offered using the same pricing model as future relay services with unit costs as low as $4/Gb.

Audacy Lynq is funded by NASA’s Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS). On board the ISS, it will be installed on the Nanoracks External Platform (NREP) in the Japanese Experiment Module Exposed Facility (JEM-EF). The mission will be supported by our ground stations in San Francisco and Singapore.

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