Audacy is redrawing the map of space connectivity, covering both existing markets and enabling commercial opportunities beyond what is currently possible. Our vision not only supports the explosive growth of current commercial space applications in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), but also enables continuous data access to spacecraft anywhere across Earth-Moon space.

Audacy Roadmap (Gen1.5).png

The Audacy Architecture includes four major elements:

  1. Relay-Satellite Constellation

  2. Network of Ground Stations

  3. User Terminal

  4. Audacy's Quindar Software

Together, these four segments enable a seamless solution for space users ranging from CubeSats to space stations, and anything in between. Addressing the three most pressing issues of space communications today, Audacy connects operators to their systems, provides users with their payload data, and brings the astronaut closer to the audience. 

Audacy provides a dial-tone in space.